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Looking for online empowerment self-defense programs? Check out these organizations for their offerings.


Center for Anti-Violence Education

  • Responding to xenophobia during the spread of corona virus

  • From social distancing to social care: Building community connections

  • Staying safer: decreasing tension in our homes during covid-19


Defend Yourself

  • On my own: Independence skills for tweens

  • Active bystander skills for stopping anti-Asian hate

  • Empowerment and self-defense for A/PI people

  • Boundaries for the pandemic (and the rest of life)

  • Kids can stand up for others: Anti-racist bystander skills for those 8-13



  • Using your voice: intro to verbal strategies

  • Intro to personal safety

  • Facing AAPI race-based harassment


Free online workshops for the LGBTQ+ community in the month of June


IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado
Videos on safety for LGBTQ people, young adults, couples, families, and more


Prevention. Action. Change.

  • Assertive Communication

  • Weekly drop-in empowerment self-defense class


Resolve -- Violence Prevention in New Mexico

  • Intro to personal safety

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