What our students say

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What the media says

The 1A/NPR: A Sisterhood of Sexual Assault Survivors Are Sharing Stories, Shouting Back (Lauren R. Taylor, 2018)

WGBH: https://www.wgbh.org/news/local-news/2019/03/21/training-to-prevent-sexual-abuse-of-disabled-athletes

IMPACT’s media page for other links: http://impactboston.com/media/

The Daily Drum, WHUR 96.3: Do you know how to protect yourself if you are physically attacked? (Lauren R. Taylor and Sarah Trembath, 2014)

CBS Radio: https://s3.amazonaws.com/defendyourself1/defend-yourself-CBS-interview.mp3

DC Funemployment: “The Funemployed: Lauren Taylor (year xxx)

The Washington Post: Ahead of Trump inauguration, this group trains bystanders to stand up to hate, 2017

Washingtonian Magazine: Five self-defense moves you can practice at home (2015)


Ask Doctor Mama, Kim Beauchamp, Naturopathic Doctor: “Why My Girls Are Learning Self-Defense” (Anne Kuzminsky, 2016)

St. George’s School News Post: “Alumna Returns to Teach Self-Defense” (Anne Kuzminsky, 2018)

TAGG magazine: Top list Tuesday: 5 self-defense techniques you didn’t know you could use (2014)

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